Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Dolce & Gabanna tote

Yesterday, I went to the mall. The mall in San Ho is pretty large and the Nordstrom is just right. Yesterday in the "bargain" bin at Nordstrom, was an extra large patent leather Dolce & Gabanna tote. This tote retailed for $1050, but was marked down to $503.90. When I saw it, I immediately fell in love with it. Typically before I make a large purchase like that, I like to spend overnight thinking about it. I also went on all my usual online haunts to see if I could find it cheaper. I couldn't find it all. So, this afternoon around 12:15 I decided I had to have it. I reasoned with Jason saying that I could test my newly found discipline by putting it on my Amex (the one I just paid off) and paying for it immediately with my next paycheck. I made a deal with him saying that I would not buy another bag for 1 whole year.

Next thing you know, I fumbled through my old mail to find my new Amex card to activate, because the old one was expired. We hopped into his car in our gym clothes (because we were supposed to go to the gym) and drove over to Nordstrom, unshowered and unmatching. I was like a junkie in need of a fix. We get over the bargain bin, and there was my bag, gleaming like a pearl amongst the Orly Kierlys and Marc Jacobs bags. I picked it up and put it on my arm and marched over to the mirror. It didn't look as shiny as I remembered. It also didn't have any D&G markings. So here's the thing, I have a $35 Marshall's bag right now that I get compliments on all the time. It always surprises me because its the cheapest bag I own. I'm no label whore, but if I'm buying a $500 tote bag, that shit better be saying something about how much it cost. A strategically placed D&G would have done it. But, lucky for my wallet, it didn't say a thing on the outside, and frankly I just don't have enough money to be okay with that.

I put it back and didn't see anything else that I wanted. I marched out of that store with all my money and didn't spend a penny. I had won the battle with Jason's help. He told me later that I had reminded him that blond chick from MTV's True Life: I'm a compulsive shopper. On the way out of the mall, I did stop at Godiva to indulge myself with a dark chocolate almond bark. Can't win them all I guess.


Shawn said...

interesting perspective. i feel the same when it comes to labels. unless its strategically placed somewhere people i dont care about can see it, whats the point? you may as well stick with your marshals bag. although i wouldnt tell people its from marshals. tell them you got it at a boutique on melrose. and can you please update my blog link on your page so i can link mine to your site? thanks.

cherie said...

Tit for tat is it? Why don't you go ahead and update my link anyway.

Shawn said...

because ive posted my new link for public consumption, and i dont want people finding my old blog via your site.