Monday, January 19, 2009

New blog and 43 year olds

I wanted to let you all know that I've started a new blog. I will be maintaining both blogs, this one will continue to be focused on my personal life and all my ramblings. The other blog will be focused on design in multiple facets. Mostly UI design, interaction design, typography and just plain anything that is related to design in the workplace. If you are interested feel free to bookmark/subscribe to that one too. To other things...

A few weeks ago a guy at my work started up a conversation with me. Small talk really, but then he followed up with an email saying that he was "stalking" me or something. The following week he asked me if I wanted to go to lunch. I thought this guy was gay at first, but he told me he was married with 2 kids. He then told me he was 43 years old. After we got back to the office, he kept IMing me and then left his phone number and said "text me". I thought it was kind of odd, and I just ignored him.

Last week in Omaha, he sent me an email asking me how I was doing and we had a short email exchange. On Friday he sent me a few emails and then told me to call him because he wanted to hear about my trip. I find the whole thing a bit weird, but I decided to call him because it was the second time he told me to, and I kept thinking that he's just a co-worker, no big deal. I called him and we had like a 2 minute conversation and I hung up. On Saturday, he texted me and it kind of seemed just a tiny bit flirty.

So, here's the this appropriate? This guy is married with 2 kids, and though I have a few co-workers that are married that I text, its usually doesn't feel like this. I can't tell if this guy genuinely wants to be a friend or if he's interested in more. I've been guilty of being naive in the past, so I really can't tell. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Two entries in two days? No way.

Yeah, he's into you. I would start giving him the cold shoulder NOW.

I also want to hear about Jason's pizza.

Shawn said...

yeah, i think the guy is probably into you as well. ill go on the assumption that he knows you are in a relationship...there is a slight chance this dude just wants to be your friend, but its highly doubtful. generally speaking, men and women cant be friends. unless one/both of them are gay.