Friday, October 10, 2008

Family ties

While I was out drinking with one of my laid off work friends and company, Jason was invited over for a "beer" with his sister. Unaware of what was coming, she laid on all the bullshit to him.

1. She's uncomfortable with us having hid our relationship from her for so long.
2. She feels we aren't friends anymore and she's tried so hard!
3. She felt as if the last time she came over, I didn't want her there.

Then she began to cry.
I've been struggling with how to deal with situation now for like 6 months.
Here are the facts as I see them:

1. She's really boring.
2. Ever since she got married, she is void of a personality.
3. She's easily offended and that's really annoying.
4. She is very picky about who she wants to hang out with, so sometimes she'll invite Jason somewhere or just me, and it kind of bugs me. Its like we always have to have 1-1 time.

The reason I haven't confronted her, is because I know how she's going to react. She's going to act all overwhelmed and shit. And quite honestly, how can I tell someone that I think they are boring? I'm with this girls brother, so I kind of have to keep it chill.

I told him, tell her to come talk to me like a big girl. I'll wait to see if she ever does.


Person said...

Hmm...I haven't had any enlightened thoughts just yet...I'll just have to keep you posted.

mike drake said...

honestly, anyone who reads your points must think you are a jackass for even contemplating any kind of future relationship with her. clearly she offers nothing positive to your life. shes the new mike drake and you refuse to let her go. either be her friend or move on. its getting ridiculous at this point. ps: i love you. =)

cherie said...

can you be respectful? calling me a jackass is beyond rude.