Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Creativity block

I work in the "creative" profession, sort of. I am on the dryer side of things, especially with my current company. After all my complaints of getting shitty projects, I have now been given the opportunity to make something better. Though I know it will never ever get built, that isn't really the point is it? Or at least I'm not supposed to care if it gets built, just as long as I thought up something cool. So now I have a creative block. I feel as if I haven't designed in such a long time, I don't even know where to start, or what to design. Its akin to having stage fright really. The pressure to perform, which is really only in mind. I think.


your other gay said...

i think that you chose a road that didnt allow you to be creative, and perhaps that was a mistake. i dont think you are happy with your job, and you are still young enough to make a change. you asked for my advice, there it is.

cherie said...

Well thanks for that assessment. I wonder why you say that. I didn't make a mistake in taking this job so that was surprising comment from you. I've wondered if I should change teams but not jobs. I've never really questioned that. Weird, sometimes I think we speak different languages. And by the way, there is an additional gay to my pile, so you aren't the "other" one, you are merely just one of them. You should be referring to yourself as "one of the gays".