Monday, March 3, 2008

Mexico City: Post Mortem

In case you were wondering, Mexico City was awesome. I'm seriously thinking of going back in a couple of months to see the pyramids. I feel like my life isn't complete until I've seen them, climbed them and perhaps I've sacrificed a virgin there.

Aside from sightseeing, when you travel with your business associates, naturally your conversations deviate from business. One of the men I was traveling with was a man in his 40's or 50's. Our UK partner was around my age, young and vibrant and happy to be single. We talked about how great it was to not worry about having a guy in our life. Then, the business associate said to us, "My advice to you is not to wait. Find a rich, geeky man and let him buy you everything." We were floored. This advice was coming from a man. He told me that the ground was fertile in Silicon Valley and that I have great odds of finding a young, rich, geek. In fact, he told me where to go, "An ice cream shop in Mountain View, that's where the Google employees hang out."

Needless to say, he got us single girls thinking. We started to feel like maybe we should start looking before it gets too late. After all, I have dated the men with drama, kids, an ex-wife and a broken heart. By the time I'm knee-deep in my 30's I'll have my pick of men who have lost hope in love and are looking for a companion when I'm still looking for love. The problem for me is that his strategy is a little gold diggerish. I've never been that way. The other problem is that I can definitely see myself marrying the man with the great job, who makes great money and treats me good, but yet, I know I won't be satiated, and I'll end up cheating with someone like the co-worker who ignites that sexuality I'm missing in my marriage.

His strategy is worth a thought however. I'm sure boobies go along way out here.


Bethany said...

I want your life.

cherie said...

OMG. Where have you been? No blogging?

Bethany said...

I suck. I moved my blog, the new address is in my old one.

I'm getting married in 3 weeks. OHMYGOD.