Friday, March 7, 2008

Over it.

As a single girl I have needs. These needs have to be met in some way, and preferrably not with some random stranger. Up until today, I was hoping the co-worker would be the guy to help me with these needs. Unfortunately, I'm scheduled into his time and not mine. We hookup once a month, every three weeks. Today, I thought I would try to lessen that time to 2 weeks. I IM'd him with this message: "I want to fuck. When will this happen." He responded: "I'm on a call. Hang on." After 15 minutes, he said, "Hey, I've been busy, but soon." To which I responded, "What do you mean soon?" and to which he signed off of IM.

So I'm left slightly confused and completely frustrated. From the beginning I thought this fucker wanted to have sex, turns out he doesnt(?). Or he does, but on his time and on his terms. The worst part about this is that the whole reason I pursued the "fuck buddy" thing was to avoid the drama of another person. Don't get it wrong, this isn't about me having feelings, this about me wanting to be physical with another person when I want it. Not just on his time. I had hoped that this was just a hookup and go sort of situation, and now I'm left wondering if maybe I'm not sexy enough, or why doesn't he want it, is it because he's seeing someone? Its total bullshit. Needless to say, when he signed off of IM in the middle of our convo, its the equivalent of hanging up on me. So, at this point I think I just need to find a different fuck buddy. Though, I'm not real sure how to go about that..

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