Saturday, November 17, 2007

Chris Drama: Finale (hopefully)

I received a Myspace email today from "Red". Not knowing who this was, I was mildly surprised to see that it was Chris's current girlfriend. She wrote this:

How are you? Chris told me that you two were friends, when he and I started dating, and that you got upset when he told you that we were seeing eachother. I had an idea that you must have been more than friends, and eventually the truth came out about your relationship with Chris...mostly over drunken conversations. I just wanted to hear your side of the far as what happened and what you have heard from Chris since then....because some things aren't quite adding up at the moment. He had some good and bad things to say about you....but it doesn't make sense....especially if it lasted a long period of time.

take care

After reading this email, I just didn't even know what to think. My first thought was to call him and tell him to keep his chick in check. The second thought, was what bad things did he have to say about me. I had a moment of weakness and probed her via myspace about the "bad things" he said. After a few minutes, I had a change of heart and wrote her new email which simply said, "actually, i don't care. i'm not involved." To which, she replied, "you two still talk don't you, you are already involved aren't you??" Um, we haven't talked in 3 months. I have no idea why she thinks we do.

After some clarity, I copy and pasted the message and emailed it to him. I said simply that she had contacted me and that I didn't want to be involved at all in the situation. I feel so violated actually. I'm living my fucking new life. With new experiences and a whole new attitude. I'm angry that she ruined that for me. I'm still getting over Chris. I was in love with him. He said bad things about me according to her. What the fuck? I didn't do anything bad to him. He knows that. And now I'm here wondering and questioning everything. Why the fuck did she message me? I would never ever talk to an ex-girlfriend about my current bf. If she thought she was going to get some "inside info" she's wrong. I feel as if she doesn't respect the boundaries of the "relationship" Chris and I shared. What happened between us doesn't concern her. Moreover, she can ask him. She probably did. He probably lied, or told her some soft version of the story. She knows he's not telling the truth, so she asks me. Honey, if you aren't satisfied with his answer, then that should tell you about the kind of person he is. I have never asked an ex-girlfriend for info. And, I wouldn't divulge any.

Naturally, I cancelled my myspace for the final time. I was doing so well too. Now, I have all night to get through. If you are reading this and have an opinion, please leave a comment. I'm interested in what you think.


Shawn said...

well, im mainly just glad to be able to confirm that im not "RED".

second, her email to you appears to have been written by a first grader. if i didnt know better, i would think it was. clearly her responses indicate that she is a crazy bitch. A crazy bitch who completely lacks class.

And as crazy as you and I may be, neither of us would ever go to such lengths. Which actually makes me feel better about my life, knowing that there are others out there who are crazier than me.

cherie said...

Yeah, I guess after reading it again, I can ascertain that it sounds like they broke up and she's trying to piece together why. Me and Chris did our thing for like 8 months. I'm guessing that she came into the picture around 4 months. It all makes sense now. In March, we were in a "whirlwind of love". In May, we were having awkward conversations over his lack of intimacy toward me. In August, he was saying cryptic things to me like, "I know we shouldn't sleep together, because we are just friends, but I'm just a man" at the time I thought it was strange, but I didn't give it much thought. Now, I see he was already seeing her and probably fucking her at that time. I think she just now is understanding that. Too bad for her.