Friday, November 16, 2007

Happiness is driving a 97' Civic

I've officially ended my week 2 for my new job. I work on the International team, and I found out that I will have the opportunity to travel to the countries and observe usability testing for certain projects. Three of my co-workers have gone to the UK, Japan, and Germany. Hopefully, one of my projects in the near future will lead me to Europe.

So, most of my co-workers are older and married. More recently I noticed a youngish, cute guy that makes eye-contact with me. Yesterday, I was eating in the break room while he was washing something. He was in there for a long time, before he suddenly came over to me and introduced himself as a resourcing manager. UCSD undergrad, USC MBA grad. We launched into a 10 minute conversation when I mentioned that I had only a single friend in SJ. After I said that, he invited me to have drinks with his ex-coworkers that evening. Of course I agreed. I met him and his co-workers, and they were very cool. I wasn't sure how to interpet the whole thing, was he interested? In my experience, men are never interested in being just friends, at least not right off. But during the drinks thing, we didn't talk too much, I spent time talking with other people. So, I figured it was just a friendly thing. I hope anyways. I'm not super interested in getting involved with anyone right now. I really miss just having friendships with men.

As a side note, my 97' Honda Civic which Shawn insists is of no value, was keyed last weekend. Now, I can only ascertain from this action, that my car was worth keying. Which means its not the total hoopty Shawn thinks it is. The way I figure, if it was already a POS, why bother? And by the way, my 97' brought in $1000 in NYC parking tickets. Can you believe that shit?


Shawn said...

they keyed the civic because they couldnt find the bmw.

cherie said...

haha! True, not in my neighborhood.