Monday, November 5, 2007

My First Day

My morning began at a fairly painless 4 hour orientation. It was focused on the history of the company and how it began as a democratic movement to equalize the market. I can see that. We all got a book which was written about the company by a NY Times writer as a case study. Afterwards, I had a fairly uneventful day at my new cube, which is about 25% larger than my old square cube. I also get a laptop. We get free sodas and juice at any given time, and free snacks which range from yogurt pretzels and oreos to granola bars. My immediate impression is that half of the people that work there are from India. I'm pretty sure I won't make friends there either, but the people there are very smart and not pretentious at all. My UED team presents at conferences and publishes papers and there isn't even an ounce of pretentiousness dripping from their veins. I can't helping thinking about the pretentious assholes in the New York office (though the UI people weren't pretentious at all). It was a quiet place, not buzzing with chatter. It seems like the people are really focused and work driven. My manager sits in the cube next to mine, we literally share a wall with a tiny window. So, I guess that means no more blogging at work. It was a dull day, and I'm sure the next month will be the same way,as I get acquainted to my new role there.


sf said...

im glad you like the new job. the first few weeks are always a little awkward. but at least you have me on skype.

fifi said...

Don't dismiss the Indians as friendians (too much?) just yet -- you could make some really good friends there.

You could also hide midgets under your desk, feed 'em free snacks & call them "little nuggets."