Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hook, Line, and Sinker

I'm feeling a hundred percent better about my new job. Today, I was introduced to a group of people that I will be working with in some capacity. I had to stand up and introduce myself and tell an embarrassing story. Since I'm not easily embarrassed, I made up one. And I made up a whopper of a story. I told them that as I was trying to sit on the railing of the Staten Island Ferry, I fell into the water. And yes, it sounds completely ridiculous, but picture me telling the story, if you didn't know me. They would have no reason to assume I was lying, and I looked dead serious. I even included the minute details. It was fabulous. They loved it. The look on their faces when I said I fell overboard was fantastic. And no, I didn't tell them it was all a fat lie. Hopefully no one asks me about it, because I cannot continue the charade. Anyhow, I've been learning how to use Illustrator since that will be my new tool for my position. It's all going swimmingly. I had a chance to participate in a design review, and I actually had thoughts and opinions to contribute and people listened. I got this.


sf said...

im glad your lies are working out for you. i might have to use this same story sometime, so thanks. though i will be sure to mention the prada jacket that was ruined.

fifi said...

What about that time you were bitten by Bigfoot on that camping trip upstate? That was crazy.

And the time you threw up all over the Japanese ambassador at the UN holiday ball, when you were supposed to be translating for him? That was absolutely nuts!

Ahh, good times....