Friday, November 9, 2007

Work, Creatures and Chicanos

Today was the end of my official first working week of my new job. They are going to put me on a project next week because they feel that I'm anxious to start working. I have plans of grandeur. I am going to work my ass off so that I can get promoted as soon as possible. I have a really good feeling about this place. I think I can go very far here and everyone is so darn friendly!

So, as I was walking up to my apartment, I noticed a creature staring at me from the window of my upstairs neighbor's apartment. I went to their door to investigate. The renter of the apartment confirmed my suspicion. It was a cat. I was under the impression cats were strictly forbidden. He told me the property manager said it was cool. This is good news. I was hoping to own a cat. After meeting such awesome cats like Fifi's CG and my friend's cat, Dr. Sprinkles (he holds an M.D.), I think cats are definitely my style. Both CG and Dr. Sprinks are black, so I think a black cat is in order.

Another thing I noticed about my neighbors, is that I have a sorta loud one. Of course its the Mexican one. You know the type, the cholo-vato type that likes to blare that annoying oldies infused chicano rap. I can hear him and his homies and their music. Its muffled, so its not at the most annoying level it can be, but its still annoying. Last night, they kept running up and down the stairs to toss out their cases of beer bottles. I haven't decided if its worth it to complain, or if I should try to get on his good side by leaving a Lowrider Volume III CD on his doorstep. Though, I'm pretty sure he owns it. I think I'm going to wait it out, because he does turn the music off before 12, but I'm not sure, because I'm pretty much asleep by then.

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Shawn said...

you can take the mexican out of the girl...but you cant keep the mexicans away from the girl.