Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blogging from LAX: Why I hate United

Last night I went out with my friend, her husband, and her brother who may be moving up here. I offered my humble abode for his use, since life in a tiny study apartment is kind of tight, and I'll be out for the week he is in town. We all went to a bar last night and its safe to say we all got wasted...except for the brother. We were out until 2 am, and I had to wake up at 7am to catch my flight to Mexico City. I was still hung over this morning and feeling totally nauseous. Last night after I got home, my friend's brother and I were text-flirting. It was kinda weird because even though I've known her for years, I really don't know him very well though he's been around a few times. I think it was harmless, but it got me thinking about how weird it would be to mess around with her brother. He's not my type in general, but would be appropriate for a hookup. But, it seems like getting involved with a really good friend's brother in any capacity is a bad idea. Especially with this friend. She's Charlotte. And I'm reminded of that episode of SATC when Samantha fucks Charlotte's brother and how that turned out. Same case here I bet.

Anyways, I find out that my flight from SJ to LAX was cancelled, and had to be shuttled to SF to take a flight to LAX. The flight was delayed and when we got to LAX our Mexico City flight had already left. The next available flight was at midnight. So, I've been hanging out in LAX for 10 hours. Not mention that I haven't gotten much sleep and I'll be arriving into Mexico City around 5 am, and need to be somewhere by 10 am. And, they are 2 hours ahead of us. So tomorrow's totally gonna suck. I frickin' hate United and all their damn partner airlines. Every time I fly them I get delayed and miss my connecting flight.


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your crazy travel drama. hope you have a safe trip. im hoping for some hot messico city sex. and please do not hook up with carissas brother. that is just wrong. you little slut.

cherie said...

True. It would be slutty. I just finished emailing United just now. I forgot to mention that they made me tote my gigantic luggage around for 5 hours until I was in the window allotted for checking into the 12:05 am flight. Total bullshit. I'm hoping to get a travel voucher for this.