Sunday, February 10, 2008

Orange dreams

For the past 3 years I've lived like a nomad. Or a homeless person one might even say. During my time in Buffalo I slept on a coleman airmattress (twin) size. In Brooklyn, I lived on a queen size mattress, but had no real style or "things" in my room. I lived like a minimalist because I never quite felt at home in these places. Historically, I've never been big into decorating, simply because I was afraid that if I were to put all my favorite things in one room it would look like the showroom of the Salvation Army. Add the fact that I'm super indecisive and can't make up my mind on a color scheme, and now we have a disaster waiting to happen.

I finally did decide on a color scheme: Orange. It's bold, it courageous, its happy, and its the new color of my bedroom. I'm still revamping but I just bought this Saffron desk from West Elm. I also bought this cute piece of Pop Art from Andrea Heimer. I'm on the hunt for these orange pillowshams from West Elm. And last but not least, I've been eyeing some Pucci shoes for awhile now. So its fitting I get these orangey ones.


Anonymous said...

orange can work when used correctly. and subtly. but i know you. there is nothing subtle about you. be careful with the orange. that is all i have to say.

cherie said...

so true. there is nothing subtle about me. i know some ideas will work, and some will not. im just trying to be bold and yes, mistakes will be made. im just hoping too much money wont be spent in the duration. but you can't talk me out of the Pucci shoes. sorry, you know i dream in Pucci.

Anonymous said...

yes, i am aware of the pucci obsession. i still say it sounds like a cheap knockoff brand.