Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oops I did it again

Last night the co-worker texted and me and wanted to come over. I decided that I needed some physical release, so I said yes. He came over and I laid down some ground rules. I told him he needed to turn up the sensuality and punctuate it with aggression. To which, he agreed. And a couple of hours of enormous pleasure ensued. We didn't have sex, but we just heavily made out. But this time it was fantastic. I made up my mind that I will definitely have sex with him at some point. And then he sent a text that changed my mind again.

So, we were flirting via text today, to which he asked me if we would possibly have sex next time. I answered, I like to do things in order, and we haven't even rounded third base yet. He responded that he was wanting me to go down on him last night. I responded that if I do it then he's doing it too. To which he said, "That'll be a moment decision. If I don't then you don't have to". Um. You want me to suck your dick, but you will decide "in the moment" if you want to eat my puss? Nope. Doesn't work for me. So, my response was "Ugh. If its like that, lets not bother with hooking up anymore". No response.

Now here's the thing, most guys are awful at eating the puss. But, fair is fair. Now, I'm sure he has some lame guidelines about only doing that with girls he cares about...well, guess what--I only have sex with guys I care about, but I'm making an exception. Now, the other part of this, is that I can just not go down on him and have sex with him, no harm no foul. Nope. I like to go down. I have to do it. Not rounding third and going straight to home run is like driving my car with the door open. I can't do one without the other, and I can't go down if he won't go down on me. And that's that. And of course there's a question of power here. Now, I definitely can't back down because I already laid down the law. He can choose to go with it or not. I guess that all depends on how much he wants it. After last night, I know he wants it even more than ever, the way I see it, I win either way. If he doesn't want to go down, I'm not having sex with him. If he does go down, then I got what I wanted (and so did he, I suppose). Basically, its a win-win if he does.


Anonymous said...

you know how i feel about the oral. its not always tit for tat. if you enjoy giving, then give w/out expectation to receive. think of it like a christmas gift.

cherie said...

No way dude. I'm not fucking santa claus. The old me would have not expected it, the new d wants everything. So, i might end up with nothing and thats the chance you take when you flex the power.