Thursday, January 3, 2008

Boys, boys, boys

So it turns out the boys on are just as scumbaggy as the boys I meet anywhere. Never heard from the Brit again, and after some probing with my straight guy friends, they unanimously agree that he was out for ass and when I didn't give it, he lost interest. That's fine, I had difficulty being attracted to him anyway.

For the last few weeks, I was playing email tag with another guy on match. He kept wanting me to text him and call him, and I just stopped communicating with him. Yesterday, he caught me online, and IM'd me asking if I had lost interest. He then told me to email him to hang out today. So, I did. Apparently he has a side business as a personal trainer, and when I emailed him, he subscribed me to his monthly newsletter, without my permission I might add.
After some texting back and forth, he tells me to come over and watch a movie with him (free popcorn lol!). I politely text him and let him know I won't be meeting him anywhere outside of a public place. He then said, "okay honey, have a good nite. xo"

Sorry sweetie, but I don't feel like being raped tonight. I knew he was gonna be a scumbag, all those fitness types are.


Anonymous said...

honestly, i think that you just need to get out more. people who date a lot have a casual attitude about it. you need to learn to adopt one. its fine to have your rules about first meetings, but dont expect everyone else to follow your same agenda all the time. and yes, men online are just as scumbaggy as the ones in real life. welcome to dating life.

cherie said...

Sometimes your comments come off super rude. And for some reason, it seems you alwaysmiss the point. This isn't about everyone following my agenda. This is about reasonable expectations. If a guy invites me over before he's even met me, its highly likely he's expecting ass. Don't be stupid.