Thursday, January 24, 2008

Single and Fabulous?

No not really. I like to rally for the single ladies, but really I'm just a sappy girl who does care about what people think, particularly men. So, I know it was a really bad idea to hookup with the co-worker, and this week I think I can see that he doesn't give me that same intensity that I once felt from him. To top it off, we had a meeting in which all of us had to attend, and there he was sitting next to some attractive, skinny bitch. Yeah, she's probably married, but its just the idea. Maybe he got what he wanted from me, like Shawn said, but I don't think making out and sucking on my nips qualifies as getting anything. We barely rounded first base. So yeah, it turns out I'm just a sad little girl who likes attention. Now that he's not giving it to me, I'm feeling a little dejected. So I'm going to chalk this up to a tiny step forward. Its not a full failure, I had a moment of weakness and now I'm moving forward, no harm, no foul. But, I guess I realized I'm not as tough as I had hoped.

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Anonymous said...

oh you are still tough, i think that you are just dealing with the reality of having been beaten at your own game. you thought you were the one in control all along, and it appears that has now been taken away from you. thats all this is. diane has lost the upper-hand. once you get over the bruise to your ego, you will see this for what it is, i promise.