Sunday, January 13, 2008

A perfect date...with Anna

So, today I met someone off match for coffee. I definitely see it as more of a friendship thing, because I wasn't really physically attracted to him and quite frankly he seemed to lack the passion or spark I tend to look for in a mate. The Vin Diesel guy is shaping up to be a douche, and the Brit is MIA.

I did have the perfect date however. Last night, I hung out with Anna, a girl I met on a flight from SJ to SD. We met for dinner and wine and she was awesome. We talked about penis size and vibrators, and honey you know that's right down my alley. She's real cool and I'm glad that we met fortuitously because I can definitely see her being part of my single ladies and fags crew. In fact, I've already recruited her. It turns out she might be my travel buddy too when I go to Prague this year. We've already made plans to go shopping in the city because she knows where all the cool boutiques are. I made a new friend and I'm infatuated. But not in the lesbian way, so get your minds out of the gutter.


Anonymous said...

damn, i was really hoping to read that you converted. and who doesnt like to read about some hot lesbian action...??

cherie said...

Yeah, you wish sweetie. You wish. Like you, men have a couple things I like.