Sunday, January 6, 2008

Where my single ladies and fags at?

Okay where's my motherfuckin' husband? You have made promises, you can't keep. So far your site has excelled in trying to get me laid though. But, if that was what I wanted, I would have signed up on, if such a site existed--or even That being said, I'm forced to reconsider the types of men I think I should date, so I'm expanding into the past-35 market. I never thought I'd be venturing into the unknown zone of people born in the 60's, but it turns out that I might have to. Unfortunately for me I'm the perfect concoction of what men don't want. So, now I'm dating on the fringes of 40.

Now, I'm the first one in line to defend my singledom. I came to the conclusion recently that the reason I'm not enjoying it so much lately is because I dont have my crew of single ladies and fags to surround myself with. My new mission is to recruit some single ladies (below the age of 40) and some fags to run with. Since I've finally accepted the fact that I am not emotionally available for the right kind of guys, and I'm attracted to the wrong types of guys, I will be single for awhile so I might as well reap the benefits of being single. So, if you are a single fag in need of a hag, or a single girl who likes to have fun and you are in the bay area, give me a shout.


Anonymous said...

wow. an open ad for my replacement. bold move sweetheart. bold move.

and btw, we know that all the hotties are on

Anonymous said...

You could always try to find one on this sweet, sweet site.

I think the Shriner is half off.

cherie said...

Nice. The best husband money can buy.