Monday, January 21, 2008

A weekend in San Fran

On Friday I agreed to go with one of my new co-workers into SF this weekend to explore. She has a friend living in the city and we ended up meeting up with her and spending two nights with her. We went to Vesuvio, a place visited by Jack Kerouac, and barhopping in the Mission on Saturday, and on Sunday we drove down to Sonoma to go wine tasting at Sebastiani's and Ravenswood wineries. Today we went apartment hunting with my co-worker and ate at a local taqueria in Potrero Hill. It was really random and kind of spontaneous and a lot of fun. You get to know people pretty well when you spend that much time with them especially when you just met them on Friday at work. It was a nice weekend, but I still don't care for San Fran that much. I'm waiting for the day I fall in love with it, because I used to like it a lot. Aside from my awesome weekend, I found out my first item sold on eBay sold for $91. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

wow. $91 is a lot. you go with your bad self. and i kinda feel ya on the SF thing...i love visiting, but im sure that living there would take the allure away.