Sunday, January 27, 2008

Nothing in particular

So there's a re-org going on at my company right now. It's not a scary one luckily. I won't have to worry about my job or anything like that. Though I've decided to observe a shopping hiatus. I know I'm fortunate enough to have a job now, but I feel like I'm in a fairly volatile industry in an area that is very much impacted if there is another bubble burst. Though many around here say there won't be another burst. As a side note, I find out this week if I'll be traveling to Mexico City next month to observe testing. Moving on...

I've been in talks with a 40 year old from Match. In his first email he said, "I decided to email you, something I rarely do, because you are my type." I have to admit I like the idea of someone saying that to me. Its very bold and very to the point. As a result, we've been emailing for 2 weeks and I haven't lost interest. He speaks 6 languages, lived in Europe, was a fulbright scholar, works in television, owns several properties, and is quite interesting in fact. He has good taste in television and movies. I have no idea where this could go, I've never quite entertained the idea of taking someone 11 years my senior as a possible companion. But, I'm open to finding out.

I've been successful at keeping my resolutions so far. I decided to take the advice of those Martha Stewart Blueprint people and turn something I found at the goodwill into a jewelry storage thingy. I spray painted it that copper color and added that paper on the inside. I think I need to add some cork to the left side, so that middle area isn't so filled with stuff. Its been fun having a new hobby.

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Anonymous said...

wow. i love that you are expanding your horizons. with both men and trash (or in your case, treasure) from the goodwill. you go girl!