Sunday, December 2, 2007

80's Night

Last night, I went with my married friend and her husband to 80's night in SF. I'm not a huge fan of 80's night in general, because I didn't really listen to that kind of music in the 80's but I figured I would just go and have fun. But what ended up happening, was that my married friends made me feel single. When they were dancing, they were dancing to each other and I became the creepy girl trying to get in on it. I don't think it was intentional, but I sort of felt like I was the extra person and I decided to just sit down and people watch for the rest of the night. Of course, this made them want to sit with me, but I insisted that I just wanted to watch and told them to go "do their thing".

I had this thought while I was sitting there, that I still can't believe I'm single. There's no reason in the world that I should be single. And yet, here I am sitting in the dark corner of the club brooding. I can't help to be slightly angry that someone as awesome as myself is still single. Worse, I've been rejected and dumped by scumbags, as if I wasn't good enough for them. While I was sitting there watching them, I'm still not sure I understand how they got together. They told me they were not physically attracted to each other at first. That they really started off as only friends. I just don't get it. She got herself a great guy. He's hot and he's really funny. I always enjoy being around them, I think he lightens her up a bit. She is definitely Charlotte. On a side note, what's up with 80's night being attended by Goth people?


sf said...

all i know is that you better have gotten your groove on to some classic DG.

i totally feel ya on the married couple thing. because its so annoying, i try to only surround myself around other single people. its all very sex and the city. but married people especially are REALLY super annoying. anyone in a couple is for that matter. they always have blatant disregard for the fact that they are making the single friends in the group feel like an inadequate jackass.

and for the last time, please change the name on my blog link. dont make me tell you again.

cherie said...

You know I have married friends and friends in relationships and I usually don't feel like its a big deal. I think its just because they are newlyweds or something. But, that will be the last time that happens. And...when you get that authoritative tone with me, I get all tingly inside.

sf said...

thats because you want a "JC". not gonna happen honey.