Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy birthday to me

I decided I wouldn't be alone for my birthday, so I went to a meetup in SF in the morning. It was a meetup in Pacific Heights with an amazing view of the bay. I passed by Senator Feinstein's abode which was on a street with huge mansions. As usual, I met a lot of interesting people and a couple of people from my job actually. The only thing is that the woman I met that works with me is kinda weird. But, I guess beggers can't be choosy. She wants to travel to Mexico with me. After the meetup, I went to lunch with a several of the people and then went shopping in the Hayes Valley shopping district. What a poor excuse for a "shopping district" there were like 4 clothing stores. Lame. When I got back to San Jo, Carissa called me to see if I wanted to have drinks somewhere. We went to the Hotel de Anza in downtown and I had three champagne cocktails in the bar. It was really nice and quite classy. I told her thank you, because I could have ended up having a lonely birthday, to which she responded, "I wouldn't have let that happen." I gotta give this girl credit. She has been a great friend to me. Though, I sometimes feel like we don't have anything in common, she really has been there for me. I feel lucky to have her in my life actually. And now I ride out the 20's in style.


fifi said...

HOLY SHIT! Happy belated birthday, Big D! I can't believe it was a year ago that we braved the cold for those tiny tacos & flautas at Mercadito, then the most sad bar-hopping NYC's ever offered.

Miss you, but I'm pressing my boobs to the screen to send my love!

cherie said...

Thanks Fifi! I know, its been an f-ing year. It would have been a damn lonely b-day if it wasn't for you and the man. Barhopping with non-drinkers was surprisingly fun. Damn those tiny little tacos and flautas they were the best two bites I'd ever paid $16 for.

fifi said...

Last year was great, but, like Schindler's List, I feel like I could've done more! This...wristwatch...could've paid for one...more...VIP...entrance...or at least...another...minuscule entree at Mercadito.

I just wish I could've been there for the last birthday of your 20-something years -- even if it meant going to yet another vomit- & urine-soaked bar. ;) I hope you enjoyed the hell out of it -- sure sounds like it.