Thursday, December 6, 2007

Good enough to Fuck

The co-worker IM'd me today at work. We had some boring convo about meetings, and suddenly the convo took a turn for the worst. Suddenly we were discussing sex and defining fuck buddy situations and all that shit. When I left work I was slightly upset. This guy just wants to fuck me. While this was happening on IM, I sent the log to Shawn to read, since he was online and I was telling him about it.

So while I was driving home, Shawn calls to tell me that it was partially my fault. For once in my life, I realize that Shawn is right. There was a pivotal moment in the convo when he was "testing the waters" and I allowed it to happen. Someone else would have changed the subject, but no, I've always been a tease so naturally I went down that road of indescretion. It was my fault completely that he thought he could fuck me. He pretty much almost asked me. I think I realize that the problem is that I am too normal with guys right away. Just because I say something like "how does a single girl get laid around here" doesn't mean I'm going to do you or anyone for that matter. Its a joke. I'm starting to understand why men sometimes get the wrong idea about me. Its because of me. Below is part of the got way worse than this. I didn't copy that part of the log. I'm almost embarassed to put this up, because I can see completely that it was so my fault

[16:24] cherie: i dont just do dudes randomly
[16:26] co-worker: hahah, yet you call urself a classy ho
[16:26] co-worker: and i never said random dudes
[16:26] cherie: true
[16:26] cherie: classy bitch
[16:26] co-worker: it could be someone u know as well
[16:26] cherie: that works too
[16:26] cherie: i know exactly 2 people in san jo
[16:29] co-worker: who are the 2?
[16:29] cjerie: well outside of work
[16:29] cherie: my married friends
[16:29] cherie: one boy and one girl
[16:29] co-worker: u could always get some from them?
[16:29] cherie: yeah, i dont think they are into that
[16:30] cherie: her husband is hot though
[16:30] cherie: but i dont do married people
[16:30] co-worker: yeah that'd be weird
[16:30] co-worker: ok what about someone at work...u could always proposition someone
[16:30] co-worker: hehe
[16:31] cherie: hmm
[16:31] cherie: who would that be?
[16:31] co-worker: someone in management to get ahead perhaps?
[16:31] co-worker: yup
[16:31] co-worker: [manager name]
[16:31] cherie: he's married
[16:31] co-worker: oh right
[16:31] cherie: he violates my rules
[16:32] co-worker: i think everyone in mgmt is married
[16:32] cherie: yeah i think so
[16:32] cherie: maybe a power lesbian
[16:32] cherie: i havent seen any here though
[16:33] co-worker: haha, that could work too
[16:34] co-worker: but hookin up with someone at work gets complicated
[16:34] cherie: unless u agree that's its just for hookin up
[16:35] cherie: oh really?

[16:41] co-worker: when was the last time you "hit 3rd"...?
[16:41] cherie: hmm
[16:42] cherie: well i guess that would have been in august
[16:42] co-worker: been a while for u
[16:42] cherie: i was in a long-distant type thing
[16:42] co-worker: mine was october
[16:42] cherie: so that meant every few months
[16:42] cherie: with the ex?
[16:42] co-worker: but i'm definitely chompin at the bit for some.
[16:42] co-worker: yup, the ex.
[16:42] cherie: what are you going to do about it?
[16:43] co-worker: find someone to hook up with


sf said...

"For once in my life, I realize that Shawn is right."

I will savor this moment forever. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad you realized this was the very WRONG type of conversation to have with a co-worker. If you want to be taken seriously on your job, you need to be serious. Same with guys....if you joke around about being a ho and getting laid, they will treat you like a ho and want to f&ck you. Not criticizing at all...just glad you came to your senses early!

cherie said...

I know, I'm so lame. I'm like that with all my straight guy friends, and they know I'm not like that. I guess we didn't develop that rapport, and he was still in the ass chasing phase. Though in retrospect, I think it was his intent the whole time.
The first time we hung out I was on my best behavior and I remember him asking me if I had a bed, nonchalantly, but he did ask. I remember noticing that he asked me that.

fifi said...

He sounds like a creep, although I'm guessing there's more history to your friendship that I'll read when I catch up further. Some guys will just never be able to handle a hot, strong, flirtatious woman, hon. I had a guy try to follow me home from a party Saturday night like a sad, sick little puppy -- AFTER he met my man! I knew I was safer walking home alone than allowing him to escort me. All because he was around me with some close friends who know me & know I'm not flirting to hook anymore fish. *shudder*

cherie said...

Actually, he would be less of a creep if we had more history, but sadly we hung out a total of 2 times outside of work, and a single lunch date. No real history and he still made the play. I think it was his goal the whole time, he got out of a 2 year relationship and I got the sense he was burned. He just wants ass. I find that when some girls act "normal" with men, they think they are easy or something. Lame.