Saturday, December 22, 2007

All I want is love

After the second date with the Englishman, I decided to text him and ask him to meet with me. The idea was to have a real chat with him about my bizarre behavior. I wanted to make sure he understood that I have my guard up as a result of recent heartbreak. When he didn't respond, I left him a voicemail. Still no response. That was like 3 days ago. Apparently he's super busy. But when I was on yesterday I saw he was "Online Now". So apparently he's too busy being on match and not responding to me. I'm chocking this one up to a loss. I wasn't sure if I was attracted to him anyway.

After seeing Chris with his chick, I'm starting to think I'm the only person (aside from Shawn) that will never be in love again. Or be loved at all. After I saw Chris, we went to another bar and I hung out with one of my exes last night from high school the first guy that taught me about painful relationships. He's been extremely apologetic to me for the way he treated me, he regrets everything that happened between us and still claims to love me. When the four of us were sitting at Denny's he started to cry again in front of everyone about the way things ended between us. No amount of apologies or tears can take back how he treated me. Though, I'm thankful that he finally recognized my value. When will someone recognize it now? When will I get the guy?


sf said...

um, first of all, thanks? ill never be in love again. glad my friend are rooting for me.

secondly, um, what the fuck is wrong with you? i would rather spend christmas by myself in san-ho than chill at denny's in temecula with mike drake. you are sinking to new depths my friend. rise above.

cherie said...

Its weird how people change and sometimes its extremely gratifying to see how far people have come. Watching someone regret things they did to you is sometimes worth it.