Sunday, December 16, 2007

A date with an Englishman

Tonight I had my first date with someone from He was much better looking than he was in his photo which was a definite plus. I had expected a mediocre looking fellow. He was every bit as interesting as I thought he would be and wicked intelligent too. He works as a software engineer for Apple and was lured from the UK to work here for them in their main office. We had a lot to talk about and there was never a lapse in conversation. He attempted to kiss me in the bar, to which I recoiled and pulled back. For me, I need a few more dates before I enter the 'kissing' zone. I'm surprisingly prudish in this respect. I know I am probably sexually attracted to him, but its utterly impossible for me to act on anything so soon. I'm physically incapable of doing so. However, after he walked me to my car, he insisted on trying to kiss me again. This time I didn't resist, but I didn't give him any tongue. So, our departing kisses ended up being multiple smooches interwoven with my giggles. I'm shockingly high schoolish when it comes to these things. He said, "You are all giggly, I would never have expected that". Truth be told, it felt good to kiss him. It wasn't sexual for me, but his lips felt so soft and so nice on mine. I think he was trying to kiss me to establish that there was more than just friendship here. I think I'll be seeing him again. He was very nice to hang out with. I'm feeling hopeful, but still in control of everything.

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im back, bitches. said...

i have one word: Finally.