Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A new attitude

I had a long talk with my dad today. And it was what I needed. My dad doesn't sugarcoat anything for me. He tells me the cold, hard truth. He told me that I should have never asked the co-worker to lunch. He also said that I shouldn't be upset that my boss irritates me, rather I should get as much knowledge from her as possible without letting her know that I have plans for her job someday. Lastly, he reminded me that my move was primarily motivated by my career. As simple as all these things are, I realize that he's right. I have a perception problem. I'm trying to make a go of my life. I'm determined to not let the fact that I have few people here bother me. I've signed up for a meetup in SF on Saturday. I'm also thinking of starting my own which would be a book club focusing on Latin American authors. As a side note, my photo was selected for inclusion for Schmap's Travel guide to Buffalo. You can see it here, with my full name credited.

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sf said...

congrats on your published photo.

im not quite sure that your cold hard truth is helping you. maybe it is, i dont know. i still think you need a more positive attitude towrd life in genreal. its like you know that people dont owe you anything, yet you still expect them to pay some kind of debt just because you know how amazing you are. ive learned in life that is not the case.