Saturday, December 22, 2007

Small time life

I'm in my hometown for the holidays. Last night I wanted to go "bar hopping" in this shithole. My friend and I went to an Irish pub-the only decent place in this area. Well, I should have known what would happen. It was midnight and I thought we were cool, until I caught sight of Chris's brother. And a few seconds later saw Chris with his new girlfriend, the stupid bitch who emailed me on myspace. The fucking girl is still with him! After all that shit. When I saw him, my heart dropped. For a second I freaked out. Then, I went up to him and he tried to hug me. I pushed him away from me and then he said, "how are you?" I said, "great" with the most sarcasm I could muster. "Is this your girlfriend" I said. "Yeah, its Pam". And then he went on hugging her. She was completely unaware of the convo, b/c she was facing the band. After that I just walked away and left. But, its okay. I'm not as bothered as I thought I would be.


Anonymous said...

ugh. shit like that is always happening to me. fuck fuck fuck. im sorry you had to experience that. no one deserves to have to see that. which is why people leave temecula. its a horrible, horrible place.

cherie said...

I know. I should have known he'd be there, but I took a chance because its the only decent place in town. They deserve each other, so I'm okay. Really I am.