Monday, December 24, 2007


During my trip, I got the chance to see glimpses of other people's relationships. I saw a cross-section of Chris and his girl. I heard the woes of both my ex-boyfriend, and the Native dude. I see my mom and her fiancee. After seeing these different relationships of convenience, I think I'm starting to see a pattern. Most people are not happy in relationships. I know its a small sample size from suburbia but it seems that most people are in relationships so they won't be alone. I have a few married friends, and I'm not convinced they are happy either. Maybe the newlyweds, but life hasn't really happened for them yet. So I'm starting to re-evaluate some things.


ho ho ho said...

this is what i have been trying to tell you for years. finally you realize.

im sorry we didnt get to see each other. xmas eve was ridiculous. i will come up to so cal soon so you can see me. =)

hope you had a nice xmas. love ya.

Fraser said...

hey hey,

I wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks on behalf of AdaptiveBlue for installing our widgets onto your site - hopefully you found the process easy and straight forward. If you have any feedback I'd love to hear it.

Hope you had a nice xmas, and I wouldn't lose all faith in relationships (some work).



sf said...

how awkward was that comment?

cherie said...

Well especially since the widget doesn't work. One only needs to look at my page to notice that there is no widget.

testsmrtlnks said...

Hi Cherie, my apologies I didn't mean to leave an awkward comment - I sincerely wanted to thank you and found no other way to leave you a quick note except via comment.

I don't understand your comment though. The widget appears to be working well and is in the sidebar of your blog (??).

cherie said...

Hey, not awkward at all! Now I see it, for some reason the widget doesn't appear on my computer at home. But, I frequently have javascript problems with that computer. I'm glad to see its working fantastically! Thanks for creating this cute little widget.